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  • Pangea 178 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003 (map)


An intimate evening of Torched Soul with Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch playing selections from a forthcoming album, and pillage their own back catalogue of compositions & re-imagined covers forged over what is now their 17th year of collaboration of extensive touring, composing peppered with the occasional shouting match over the existence of God...

For nearly four decades Little Annie - a.k.a. Annie Anxiety/Annie Anxiety Bandez - 
has been a performer, a presence, a tiny bundle of incandescent wit and charisma. 
She's been an art/no-wave terrorist, a "disco singer" for the anarchist punk set, the dub diva of On-U Sound, every-body's favorite special guest star. (cameos and collaborations would include - Crass, COIL, The Wolfgang Press, Current 93, Kid Congo, Anohni , Baby Dee, 
SWANS, Marc Almond, to name a few.) A self taught multi media artist, raconteur, a bon vivant and an all around survivor, Annie remains an ever more powerful presence. Her current collaboration with Paul Wallfisch - is a new crown jewel for her career's rhinestone tiara. 

Paul had been a stalwart presence on the NYC-scene via the band he fronted - the redoubtable Botanica. He has likewise lent his prodigious talents in the service of the likes of Firewater, Love and Rockets, Stiv Bators, Syl Sylvain, Stan Ridgeway, Anne Pigalle, SWANS, Jonny Halliday and as the musical director for amongst others, Theater Dortmund. On the road, he and Annie got on like cats and kittens, and began to realize that they had much in common musically. Now collaborating on their 3rd LP -Miss Annie began to hanker to apply her sizable intellect to the re-imagining of more traditional song forms, into what she has coined as Torched Soul. Always a lover of those saloon singers singing the American songbook of standards, the rampant drama of the French chanson and the expressionistic bite of the German/Wiemar cabaret. Now it was time to braid these strands together - and style same into her own post-punk bouffant. She is now a post-modern chanteuse. And in Paul she had found the perfect foil for this endeavor. 

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